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Where to Find Us

April 9th

Closed for Private Event

April 10th 8am - 12pm

Kenna Kunjio

1800 Camden Rd

April 11th 8am - 12pm 

Sedgefield Neighborhood Park

621 Elmhurst Rd

Our Journey

When we first decided to share Coordinates Coffee with the world, our focus was on cultivating authentic connections. The opportunity to connect with a friend, new and old alike. A co-worker. Family. A stranger. Our passion was and will remain in creating community. We believe that your unique journey and the places you go become part of you somehow. A pinpoint, a dot on the map represents a part of your journey that transformed you. The exact place on this earth you fell in love. A place of birth or rebirth. Whatever the coordinates, we believe your footprint represents a part of your journey that shaped you and will forever be stained in your memory. Our vision is to create a meeting place for not just anyone, but everyone.


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Highly Caffeinated

The Highly Caffeinated package includes two baristas on site for to serve up to 50 guests freshly brewed coffee or espresso based beverages. An 18% gratuity will be added to all packages.



The Wired package includes two baristas on site to serve up to 100 guests espresso based beverages. An 18% gratuity will be added to all packages. 

Custom Pouch Package

Are you looking to treat your staff? Surprise your co-workers? Want to show your residents some love? Select one of the pouch packages below. 

Customization available for additional charge - add your company name, sports team, or submit your idea and we will try to bring to it life!

12 OZ

10 Pouches - $70.00

25 Pouches - $175.00



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